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© Mauricio Liani

The Kryon Group is the name Mario Liani uses to describe the loving energy of Kryon,

which is not a single entity, but rather a group of highly evolved beings  of the angelic realms

operating as a group - not as individuals - in absolute synchronicity.

Kryon is currently being channeled in several languages by different spokespersons around the world.

Mario Liani is a channel for Kryon in the Spanish language.



Kryon’s Group Energy

Channeled on June 2003


© Bárbara ElíasMy name is Mario Liani, and I am writing to you from Venezuela, my country of birth and residence, where I do consulting for individuals, groups and companies using Numerology.


As a numerologist devoted full time to the practice of this ancient discipline (I am a Lightworker), I follow Kryon's messages with special attention, because from the very beginning Kryon defined itself as the energy of the master number 11 and made an emphasis on the main changes of the current humankind through dates and events stamped with the 11:11 key.


For those of us who can interpret the symbolic keys contained in the numbers, it is fascinating to be able to verify everything through numerical symbolism. But for those who do not master this subject or only know a little (let’s remember that numerology is not mathematics), this statement could seem abstract, coincidental or merely a subjective notion.


Since its first book, Kryon has explained that the phonetic vibration of its name could gather “a thought group” or “energy package” that can be understood by us, Humans, through the numerological interpretation of its name.


When I came across this early information, I was intrigued by the number 11 connection with what Kryon calls “thought group” or “energy package,” because the words “group” or “package” suggest several concepts integrated into one.


In fact, the numerological study or numerological birth chart of an individual is the final expression of the analysis of a “package” of numbers that is calculated from the names and birth date of that individual, leading to a sort of puzzle, made up of certain numbers or pieces, where each one is needed to assemble the whole puzzle.


This means that a person’s numerological examination should consider all the available parts, because if only one of them is left out from the entire puzzle, it will not be possible to assemble and study such puzzle. The puzzle example is the illustration I generally use to substitute what Kryon calls an “energy package.”


The previous statement is to explain that the “energy package” that characterizes Kryon is composed of a certain number of pieces that have not been analyzed or decoded as a whole. Only the superficial aspect of this package has been interpreted, that is the number 11, and this is because the number 11 has such a dazzling appearance that it has overshadowed and skillfully concealed the rest…


To take into account only one final numerological expression (the resulting 11) it’s a misinterpretation commonly made. It is naïve to think that we could define a person or describe an event with a single number.


Likewise, it would be too simplistic to use as final interpretative material the final number reductions to a single digit, not taking into account that all single digits have been reduced from a number composed of two digits. There is a lot of hidden information in the compound numbers that generate a single number.


It is important to point out that in their majority, the digits that make up a compound number could represent absolutely the opposite to the meaning of the reduced single number.


As I have said before, I was intrigued by the “energy package” of Kryon’s name, but I must confess that I did not commit myself to investigate it. I simply “accepted” that final 11 as an exact and condensed expression of the loving energy that can be perceived through Kryon's teachings. I had accepted until now…


I said “I had accepted until now” because only now has Kryon allow me to perceive and interpret all of the “energy packages!” And it did not happen “by chance,” dear Lee. You must know that since you published the message titled “A New Dispensation,” dated September 2, 2002, I have been connecting myself with the concepts of the new Interdimensional Numerology and I have advanced significantly in the conceptual research of this fascinating issue Kryon brought forth.


As I was channeling the aspects concerning the new numerology, I perceived Kryon’s name as an “energy package,” and I began to see the entire set of numbers as a system made of several interpretative pieces. What I found out, or it would be better to say, what Kryon allowed me to discover and channel, is what I will explain now, because my final goal is that all the readers of the Kryon teachings know the significance of its name. Therefore, the following analysis is presented exclusively with this aim.


The interpretation of the energy package or entity group contained in Kryon’s name, and that I am presenting to you, is channeled information that comes from the same source that so lovingly nourishes us all.


Following the mandates of the Spirit and joyfully fulfilling my contract from the sweetest place I could wished to be, I send this interpretation to you with the only request that it is circulated worldwide.





Kryon’s Group Energy


First of all, Kryon’s name must be transformed into numerical digits and for that we will use the alphanumeric table that is generally used in numerology in the Western Hemisphere. According to established convention, each alphabet letter, in consecutive order, has a sequential numerical value from 1 to 9:


A=1, B=2, … I=9, J=1, K=2, … R=9, S=1, T=2, … Z=8


Using this method, Kryon’s numerological formula is as follows:


K  R  Y  O  N

2  9  7  6  5


The first key

that arises, is the one originated from the addition of the digits that make up the numerological formula.


2 + 9 + 7+ +6 + 5 = 29 = 2 + 9 = 11


As I stated before, when reducing 29 to 11 (I will address 11 later on), we must interpret first the energy that generates 11. Therefore, 29 must be interpreted as Kryon’s “personality” expression, that is to say, the energy it projects and most directly synthesizes in front of us, Human Beings.


2 is the number that symbolizes the feminine and maternal being, emotions, love feelings, patience, conciliation, overview, kindness and universal service. 9 is the number that symbolizes compassion, vision of the whole and universal service.


29 has a unique energy that stems from both single digits, and synthesizes a sensitive, receptive, generous, kind, understanding and tolerant being that never tries to impose itself, and seeks only to serve others.


As it can be appreciated, the energy of the compound number 29 is absolute love and unconditional surrender. When we say “KRYON”, we are implicitly connecting with this primary energy.





The second key

that emerges is linked to the number of letters that conform the name “KRYON.” There are 5 letters. Therefore, Kryon’s energy is related to the numerological symbology of number 5.


5 is the digit that expresses the essence of CHANGE. Therefore, number 5 indicates the necessity to maintain an independent spirit, free and open to the possibility of throwing away what we consider outdated, facing all kind of changes that could come into our lives. In fact, number 5 tells humankind of the need to change personal patterns of consciousness and to seek our real freedom, to learn the true meaning of freedom, and to use discerning criteria on what is to be accepted or rejected, because all changes that seem constructive can only produce progress.


Kryon is here not only to shift the magnetic grid, but to invite Human Beings to start a journey of change from the old to the new paradigm, in other words, to step out of the old energy and enter into the new one.





The third key

results from the analysis of Kryon’s “energy package,” is generated when you examine the first and last digits of the name.


K  R  Y  O  N

2 9  7  6 5


The first digit is 2 and the last digit is 5. We know both meanings, but how do we interpret them under this new vision?


The “balanced” work we do at the level of emotions, feelings, sensitivity, patience and conciliation (2) will be the only thing that will cause substantial changes (5) in the human race. I said, “balanced.” Why? See the following representation:


Grupo 1


When we work with the dual concepts of numbers 2 and 5 in balance and harmony, (through number 3, implicit in the difference between 5 and 2, and represented by a virtual triangle), you will generate the concepts of the sacred number 7.


Number 7 is the digit that expresses the inner and spiritual reflection of mankind that can only be attained if we are willing to undertake an inner change (5), by accepting in ourselves the presence of the most sincere and profound feelings and emotions that can be manifested through warmth, generosity, cooperation and benevolence to our fellowmen (2).


Number 7 also represents teaching, and teaching is Kryon’s central mission.


K  R  Y  O  N

2  7 6  5


In fact, number 7 emerges from the center of Kryon’s name, thus representing its main mission: to transmit to humankind the knowledge to create profound, individual and collective changes in consciousness. What do these collective changes in consciousness refer to?


Let’s see the energy formula for Kryon’s name again and let’s focus our attention on the digits at both sides of the central 7: 9 and 6.


K  R  Y  O  N

2  9  7  6  5





The fourth key

results from the analysis of 9 and 6 as learning factors for the human race.


We know the meaning of number 9. As a learning tool, it requires the Human Being to learn to handle concepts of understanding, tolerance, kindness and above all, benevolence towards the others. Therefore, it is advisable for Human Beings to increase their sensibility and show tolerance towards the thoughts and needs of others.


Number 6 represents social and familiar balance, the balance of Human Beings in their sphere of coexistence. As a learning tool, it teaches the need to assume the attitude of respect and consideration, and above all a spirit of universal coexistence.


Now, how do we merge this learning in relation to the number 7 energy? For that, we will take into account the interrelation between 9 and 7, as well the one between 7 and 6. This causes the compound numbers 97 and 76 to come forth.


Reducing, 97 = 9 + 7 = 16

Reducing, 76 = 7 + 6 = 13


Through these reductions, we have obtained two compound numbers whose numerological symbolism is widely known, because it represents evolutionary or karmic learning aspects.





The fifth key

emerges from the analysis of 13 and 16 as karmic learning factors for the human race. Conventional Numerology postulates that there are 4 compound numbers that carry within a karmic learning energy, that is to say, they contain a learning potential linked by evolutionary aspects that the Human Beings move through their successive embodiment processes. These 4 numbers are 13, 14, 16 and 19. Each one represents a behavioral aspect that has to be worked on intensely in order to be rectified and overcome during the current life expression.


Compound number 13 depicts learning related to pride and vanity concepts, based on the application of greater control over the ego aspect that urges Human Beings to try to attain immediate success in everything they undertake, without considering the consequences. This urge affects their concentrating abilities, because they scatter their creative and productive energies in several directions instead of focusing on one track at a time.


It is possible to change our inner attitude by assuming and maintaining a more humble, ordered and disciplined attitude, and thus attaining a more lucid awakening and a real consciousness transformation. This idea is directly linked to learning to connect with the NOW energy, a teaching Kryon has emphasized through Lee Carroll, particularly in the messages published in Book 8. (“Passing the Marker – Understanding the New Millennium Energy”)


Compound number 16 depicts learning linked to individuality, superiority, inflated ego and ego concepts, based on applying greater control over another ego aspect that urges Human Beings to feel they are different and superior to others, and even look down at them. This evolutionary learning aspect could even make Human Beings face emotional losses and experienced profound tests related to trust and deceit, the two sides of the social and familiar interrelationship. To counteract the effects of this karmic lesson, Human Beings must learn to assess their individuality through conciliation, sensibility, humility, trust, loving surrender and flexibility, and strive to cultivate great faith to place themselves in the loving arms of Spirit. These concepts are directly linked to the DUALITY concepts expressed by Kryon since the first teachings.


What is the result of the correct practice of the teachings contained in the expression of the karmic numbers 13 and 16?


13 + 16 = 29


What a beautiful message Kryon has given us! Do you know what that means? It means that if we, Humans, work adequately on both teachings, we will be able to fulfill the potential of the sublime and loving expression of number 29, which is none other than the angelic expression of the Kryon group: the energy of love and unconditional surrender.





The sixth key

emerges from the analysis of the energies that are not present. What? you may ask, you said we were going to analyze the “energy package” of Kryon’s name, that is, all the energies that are present in its name, but you never said you would be analyzing “something” that is not there… Is it possible?


I’m afraid it is, dear friends. In fact, one of the resources we numerologists use when we undertake the study of a name is to analyze the energies that are not present in the numerological composition, because their absence can also give us additional clues about the potential held within the analyzed name.


Which are these energies that are not present in Kryon’s name? Well, they are the ones represented by the numerical digits that are absent in the numerological sequence of the name.

The present digits in the numerological sequence of Kryon’s name are:


K  R  Y  O  N

2  9  7  6  5


That means the following digits are missing:


1  3  4  8


We could also see the sequence this way:


1 3  4  5  6  7  8  9


The absence of number 1 in the sequence indicates that individualism is not present in Kryon’s work. On the contrary, the presence of 2, 6 and 9 indicates that cooperation, preoccupation for the collective and humankind are concepts that are present in Kryon’s messages.


The absence of number 3 in the sequence indicates an absolute lack of pride, vanity and need for recognition in Kryon’s messages. In fact, Kryon has stressed many times that the dissemination of the messages must not be focused through massive broadcasting on the media or the founding of a religious cult for the masses, rather, it must be based on the intent of each Human who wants to know about the message of change that Kryon transmits to humankind.


The absence of 4 and 8, numbers eminently characterize material and concrete aspects, indicating that Kryon's message has no economic motivation and that it lacks the urge to obtain material gain. Kryon’s message does not consist of building “something to be seen or touched” with solid blocks, on the contrary, “it is something that is not seen, not touched, only felt.” The messages are to be perceived and felt, not to be touched.





The seventh key

emerges from the analysis of the energies that configure Kryon’s name, from the number 7 point as a central marker and natural separator of two energetic blocks.


K  R  Y  O  N

2  9  7  6  5


Note that number 7 divides Kryon's numerological formula in two energy packages that are “balanced” by the digit 7 of the teaching: 29 and 65. This apparent division gives us a signal to proceed and add those digits according to each grouping. As a result, the addition would be as follows:


29 + 7 + 65 = 101


Number 101, made up of three numbers, brings us another great message about Kryon’s mission. 0 placed between the two number ones at both sides, represents the darkness or the void that exists between opposite points or locations that need to be bridged in order to achieve togetherness and understanding. Kryon’s loving task consists of enlightening that darkness, enlightening that void, helping to bridge that gap that symbolizes duality in Human Beings.





The eight key

emerges by itself after unfolding all components of the energetic formula that we have analyzed up to now: this is Kryon’s I AM, this is the projection of its completion in a version that can be understood by the Human Being.


Grupo 2


Just as we analyzed in the third key, the dual and extreme energies of the numbers 2 and 5 balance each other through number 7, projected from its central position towards the apex of the triangle, as the element that comes to stabilize the internal growth of humankind.


Both compound numbers (29 and 65) that form the parts of the name divided by the central number 7, when added, each one generates a number 11. These two elevens, being on both extremes of the energetic formula, symbolize duality in Human Beings, in their quest to achieve spiritual balance.


Just as it was said in the fourth key, the surge of the two compound numbers (13 and 16) symbolizing humankind’s karmic lessons, generates the loving and angelic potential of number 29, which represents Kryon’s unconditional service to humankind. That compound number 29 leads to a third number 11, which comes to balance the dual aspects of the former 11 numbers, forming a second virtual triangle (not depicted in the illustration) composed of Three 11s!


Do you remember when Kryon, in the first book, referring to the number 11 that resulted from the digits in its name, stated: “This number 11 will indicate to you my character? If you multiply that number by the vibrational power that is number 3, the result will be 33, and that will give you understanding about my service.”


So here is the origin of that statement. There are three 11s in Kryon's name that condense its energy in the number 33. And what do 33 symbolize? The compound number 33 is a number that has great Christic energy related to service to humankind. In terms of learning, it characterizes the willingness to serve and sacrifice without limits for all humanitarian ideals or higher causes.





The ninth key

relates to the geometrical symbols that arise, at first instance, from the former interpretation.


Grupo 3


As depicted, Kryon’s energetic formula can be represented by 3 circles virtually placed in a triangular shape, in which center is an equilateral triangle with the apex pointing upwards.


As we analyzed in the former key, the three circles represent the 3 elevens that can be condensed under the symbolism of number 33. If so, we can then synthesize and symbolize that 33 energy under the following geometrical symbol:


Grupo 4


That geometrical symbol synthesizes, in the three inner circles, the union of the three 11s. The triangle, where the circles are inscribe, symbolizes the Divinity’s balance and perfection and also multiplies by three the energy of number 11, thus retaining all the potential of number 33. The external circle that contains all within it, represents the Wholeness of the One, where all interdimentional possibilities are contained (notice that the resulting geometric figure is composed of nine sections; 9 is the numerological symbol that characterizes the whole).


Dear friends, this is a numerological, mathematical and geometrical symbol that contains the power to condense all the potential of the loving energy that we have analyzed together.





The tenth key

is related to the compound number 9944.


Let’s remember once again what Kryon says about this in the first book: “number 11 will show you my character. If you multiply that number by the vibrational power that is 3, you will have 33 as a result, that will give you an understanding about my service. It will offer an important power formula: 9944. Your own discernment and intuition will finally lead you to its real meaning, but it is important in the transmutation of energy”.


As analyzed and interpreted through the geometric symbol obtained, the Christic energy of the compound number 33 is condensed in the center of the triangle, which symbolizes humanitarian service. Contained within the triangle, the number 33 is increased threefold by the powerful triangular energy (33 x 3), resulting in the compound number 99.


Number 99 represents the highest expression of number 9 and characterizes in itself the potential energy of the nine sections of the geometric figure previously analyzed, obtained from the interaction of number 9 with the mystic number 11 (9 x 11). Therefore, the energy of the number 99 is not the same as that of number 9, because number 99 carries all the potential of a number 11 multiplied ninefold!


But, what does number 99 represent? It represents the absolute, complete and whole surrender to the highest causes of the humanitarian ideal: it is sacrifice without limits. It also characterizes total destabilization, the last stage of a process where it is necessary to destroy (or let the destruction occur) to transmute and then rebuild. Therefore, number 99 is a symbol of transmutation through high ideals and divine purposes. That means that Kryon's energy has the highest divine transmutation potential we can calculate, if that is possible.


And what about number 44? What does it have to do with Kryon? It has a lot to do with Kryon because it emerges from the addition of the first number 11, evident in Kryon’s name composition (Kryon = 29 = 2 + 9 = 11), with the three 11s hidden in its numerology that form the Christic 33. Therefore, 11 + 33 = 44.


What does number 44 represent? Number 4 is the number that characterizes the objective, the material, the tangible, order and construction. But in its double form, 44, it acquires great relevance, because it symbolizes a great universal reconstruction process that is tutored by the concepts of spiritual significance implicit in the compound numbers 11 and 33 that generate number 44.


Furthermore, it is appropriate to stress that the symbolic concepts of the double 4 are thoroughly linked to its sum, number 8, and to stability or “the age of responsibility,” to which Kryon refers through Lee Carroll in the message of December 8, 2002, entitled “The Celebration! – What is next now?” where the Crystalline Grid and changes in Human Beings’ consciousness are mentioned.


When we look at the numbers 99 and 44 put together, which is 9944, interpretations emerge spontaneously. From a holistic and spiritual point of view: human transmutation and universal reconstruction. From the point of view of the matter natural processes, 9944 symbolizes the great principle that everything that surrounds us is in a state constant transformation, which involves disintegration and reconstruction. As Kryon says, it is a mathematical formula of energy transmutation.


I close the analysis of 9944 with a last numerological angle. Not only is 9944 an energy transmutation formula, it also represents Kryon’s work and, therefore, what the Spirit wants us to learn. The key word is “learning.” 


If we discompose the number 9944 in pyramidal and successive form, we will obtain the following expression:


9  9  4  4

9  4  8

4  3



For those who do not have experience with this kind of reduction, we take the first row of numbers and 99 is added to itself then reduced to 9; 94 is added and reduced to 4; 44 is added and reduced to 8; 94 in the row below is added and reduced to 4; 48 is added and reduced to 3; finally, 43 is added and reduced to 7.


By means of this numerological procedure, we have obtained number 43 and then 7. We already know what number 7 symbolizes, don’t we? Kryon's central mission is teaching. And learning will lift our human consciousness.


The number 43 also contains an important message that defines the meaning of that learning, which must be approached through creative thought and cheerful, joyful, good humored communication (3), supported by useful, objective and concrete elements (4). Beloved Kryon readers: are you capable of perceiving, in this short description, the spirit of the communications of our dear Angel? Do I have to explain it any further?


If we go back to 9944 and try to resume all we have said up to now, we have transmutation and universal reconstruction through loving, creative, cheerful and concrete teachings..





The eleventh key (key 11:11)

is related to –at last!– number 11 and key 11:11.


Dear friends, I wish you would take note of something very important. We began by speaking of the general aspects of the energy that defines Kryon, beginning with just simple numerical data contained in its name, which can be reduced to number 11.


From there, together we began a journey through the different energies that shape the energetic formula of the Kryon group. These formulas gave us many answers and allowed us to connect with the multiple aspects of the mission of our beloved angelic being, which we “dissembled and assembled” attempting to reach an overall understanding, which I hope you achieved.


However, did you notice I intentionally left the interpretation of the powerful number 11 for the end? Did you perceive that we could talk about Kryon without necessarily defining the symbolic significance of number 11? Do you know why? Because everything we discussed and everything Kryon represents under the aspects pointed out… All of that is the number 11!


Arriving at this point, dear friends, I invite you to take a brief look at the importance of number 11, with the following statement: number 11 is the virtual foundation of all compound numbers of two digits (that really represent duality), as to spread all the possibilities of two digits from each basic number (from 1 to 9), we must do it 11 times per number. For example, let’s analyze the display of compound numbers of two digits that can be reduced to number 3:


3 – 12 – 21 – 30 – 39 – 48 – 57 – 66 – 75 – 84 – 93


Did you count how many numerical possibilities of two digits could be reduced to number 3? There are 11 possibilities. This process rules all the basic numbers (from 1 to 9). An in each series of numbers, there will always be a double number that is multiple of 11 (in this case it is number 66).

Number 11 is the number that symbolizes mastery and spiritual growth of mankind, because it represents the Human Being struggle to defeat his own ego, the ego that causes the duality that forces him to fight against himself. This is the result of the interaction of two number ones that represents individuality that opposes itself. Number 11 is the symbol of the struggle of humanity in pursuit of its own unification.


What does the 11:11 key mean? Where does that seemingly mathematical and numerological expression come from? Why number 11 twice?


The key 11:11 in terms of linear time


By the end of the ‘80s, Kryon announced doing a series of adjustments of the Earth’s magnetic field, this would involve a 22 year period that would be over by the year 2012. The first 11-year adjustment cycle ended during the last months of year 2001, to give way to another 11-year cycle of preparation that will finish by the end of 2012 (2 + 0 + 1 + 2 = 5), a year of change of Age for the human race. Each 11-year cycle represents a bridge to other realities, the crossing of the existing abyss between the old and the new energy. By the way, if we analyze in a pyramid both years 2011 and 2012, we will find interesting potentials.


2  0  1  1

2  1  2

3  3



Notice that year 2011 contains a potential of Christic consciousness related to the compound number 33, which anticipates the kind of energy we should work on during that year.


2  0  1  2

2  1  3

3  4



The year 2012, as it is a year 5 of change, reserves a learning potential linked to the sacred number 7 and its compound number 34, that refers to the solidification of everything the creative mind keeps on processing.


The 11:11 key in divine terms


By means of numerological analyses, it could be determined that certain events of impact and significance to mankind have been signed or marked by apparent numerical coincidences linked to the constant repetition of the number 11, as is the case of September 11, 2001 (the World Trade Center Twin Towers event) and in our case (Venezuela), the tragic events of Caracas on April 11, 2002. In other words, the key 11:11 holds implicit messages related to dates, events and protagonists that have the necessary potential to shift the consciousness of the inhabitants of Planet Earth. 


The purpose of these changes is for humankind to grow and evolve to a higher level of consciousness, so that we all have access to a better world in all aspects. Number 11, therefore, is the number that symbolizes mastery and spiritual growth of all mankind.


Key 11:11 in daily life


When we watch the clock and see 11:11, or when we see number 11 very often in the different time zones and daily scenarios, that means that Spirit is demanding our attention and asking us to pay more attention to our own spiritual progress. The 11:11 is a sort of activation key that connects us directly with our Higher Self when It needs to ask us to move forward and evolve.


Finally, we can say that key 11:11 involves changes at several levels, activating in Human Beings emotional participation, solidarity, brotherhood, spiritual understanding, transcendence and ultimately, Ascension.



Channeled by Mario Liani



Copyright Notice:

You have full and complete authorization to freely disseminate the above written material (“Kryon’s Group Energy - Channeled by Mario Liani – June 2003), as long as it is published in its entirety, no part of this text may be reproduced partially, and you must acknowledge the author. We would like to remind you that the only purpose for this publication, and other similar texts, is the transmission of knowledge towards a higher consciousness. Therefore, you may not distribute the above mentioned text for commercial gain without the written permission of the author.


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