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Última actualización: miércoles, 08 de febrero de 2017

© Mauricio Liani

The Kryon Group is the name Mario Liani uses to describe the loving energy of Kryon,

which is not a single entity, but rather a group of highly evolved beings  of the angelic realms

operating as a group - not as individuals - in absolute synchronicity.

Kryon is currently being channeled in several languages by different spokespersons around the world.

Mario Liani is a channel for Kryon in the Spanish language.



The Prayer of Co-Creation

Channeled on 2003


Co-Creating with Spirit


Oración cocreaciónAfter the gradual release of the Kryon Teachings, I have received all sorts of questions concerning the request of neutral implants, working with your guides and co-creation in general, among other things.


I have always responded to each question individually with the desire to help, and with the belief that I am helping those who, like me, had began the road to spiritual awakening.


However, in reference to the questions regarding the request for neutral implants, communication with your guides and co-creation, I have taken care not to interfere too much with my own opinions or beliefs, as I feel it is a delicate matter to make suggestions of a personal nature that could interfere with the plans that each person has available to them, particularly before the subject of co-creation was explained in the Kryon Teachings.


I now feel authorized and with more freedom to deal with this subject and to collaborate, so that each one of you can receive additional guidance to work with the subject.


With this end, I allow myself to share my own personal experience, which could help as a guide for those of you who are having difficulty connecting with your guides.


According to Kryon, co-creation is a process that consists of the creation of a plan of action in close collaboration with our guides in order to materialize in our lives everything necessary to achieve divine harmony.


In order for the subject to be thoroughly understood, I will let the words of Kryon explain it better than I could.


The Words of Kryon


“When you begin to create, take into account that Spirit also has its own plan of action in which the human time or linear time is not always a part of. Your creations could be, though not necessarily, clashing with our own agenda, since we have an overview that you do not have, and it is part of a greater reality interwoven with other different realities or levels of consciousness where we know everything about your potential for evolution.


“When the two plans of action merge, ours and yours, the projection of what you need, in order to accomplish your objectives, is activated in unison with your current learning, based on your timeless process of evolution.  It is in this way that the events needed take place, so that you can make a connection with your individual master plan, the one that connects all of you, angels in human form in the service of your level of experimentation.


“The merging of the two plans is what we call co-creation.


“Thus, the two plans of action merge into a single, unique and very personal final product. It is like a recipe with very specific ingredients, along with the personal touch or the hand of a very special cook, your multidimensional Higher Self, the one that guides all creations from Spirit’s master kitchen.”




Creating a Path for Co-Creation


As for me, in the last few years, I have been, little by little, working on a prayer of communication with my guides. A prayer that would express everything Kryon has taught; it would also include some future projections that would harmonize with the projections the majority of us have.


Little by little, I began to construct the prayer that follows. This prayer contains the words of Kryon, channeled directly by me, and fragments from several other sources.


Since our prayer has been circulating freely around the Internet many people have benefited from its effects, and many have written to tell me about their experiences. There are too many letters for me to transcribe here, so I have decided to copy a very special one that, in my opinion, summarizes what most everyone has said.


Luz Victoria’s Words


“Thanks to a wonderful EMF (EMF Balancing Technique®) therapist and to a series of incredible synchronicities, this prayer fell into my hands last week.


“Synchronistically, I was asking for a neutral implant a month ago and some of the co-creations suggested by Kryon. The therapist recommended the prayer and her only comment was, ‘It’s much more complete’.  Indeed it is!


“Ever since that day, every morning, during my meditation, I say this prayer out loud, slowly, trying to savor each and every word. This process makes me feel that a real and profound change is taking place within me. As if the words in the prayer were actually ‘erasing’ old programming that–even though still there–I detect with more clarity. I have observed that my thoughts are readjusting to promote a more permanent state of openness and gratitude.


“I feel that a deep change is taking place within me, and I thank you with all my heart for sharing this prayer with everyone.


“Because of my own experience and the experience of some other people that are also going through some profound changes because of this prayer, I feel that the prayer is a powerful tool than can ‘reprogram’ and connect us with who we really are, with our divine essence.


“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this ‘lantern’, this ‘beacon’ that lights the way to our reconnection with our divine being, for the good of all.”


Luz Victoria


The Prayer


the same way I received it, with humility and love, I give this prayer to you, with the clear intention of shedding a ray of light where there is darkness, and with the right intention of providing you with some sort of map of possibilities that you can consider as a suggestion or a starting point to begin the journey back home…


In love and service,


Mario Liani





The Prayer of Co-Creation


I (your name here),

have faith that my Higher Self is always my instant,

constant and generous supplier.



have faith that my Higher Self always clears a path,

even when it appears that there are no paths.



have faith that my Higher Self guides all my projects,

sustaining my health, happiness and prosperity.



have faith that my inner peace is safe with the help of my Higher Self,

who is a greater me and the part of God that resides in me.


With the consent of the Great Spirit that rules and governs everything,

with the consent of Mother Earth, just, generous and giving,

with the consent of the four elements,

the four Magnetic Directions and all the Light Devas,

I…, greet all of you and honor your being here with me.

I call on all the Beings of Light that guard my path,

to ask for love, kindness, understanding, help, advice, information, instruction,

wisdom and Light, so that we can walk the path

that has been outlined by ourselves from the highest regions of Spirit.


Through you, my loving Guides, I…,

move towards the creative source of Spirit.


As the multidimensional being that I am, I…,

affirm that I am sacred and deserve to be here on earth

to receive answers from you, beloved Spirit, my magnificent partner.

What can I do to become a better partner?

What do you want me to know?

What should I do now? Where should I be now?

What can I do to make the right events happen in my life?

Give me instructions for me to follow, grant me synchronicity in my daily living

that will show me the answers, and I will respond by being alert

in order to avoid accidents in my life.


I…, as the multidimensional being that I am,

celebrate my commitment to be in this place, since I live in the Now,

I have peace, I have a vision of the wholeness

and I know that solutions are waiting for me to be in the Now,

when I planned all the trials I would take on in this lifetime,

from the deepest of my inter-dimentional wisdom, I also created all the solutions,

since there is no place within me where creativity does not exist.


I…, as the multidimensional being that I am,

erase now all the elements of my old contracts

and I affirm now that I surrender permanently all beliefs,

implanted or not, that I may have.

I affirm now that I renounce permanently all vows and decrees

that I might have taken in the past, at any time and at any moment,

mainly those vows related to poverty, sickness, grief, suffering,

emotional loneliness and existential emptiness.


I…, renounce all the vows

and affirm that I free myself from them,

healing and cleansing the karmic records of all my evolutionary processes.


Thereby, I… now categorically revoke and cancel

any authorization I might have given - consciously or unconsciously -

from any of my spiritual states of consciousness, astral, oneiric,

emotional or mental, that allowed the attachment in my auric body,

or any of the astral layers or state/levels of being –

of a spiritual or astral entity of any kind of origin,

or a thought-form that could have affected the balanced workings

of my physical, sexual, emotional and spiritual energy centers.


I… now irrevocably and definitely decree the final release

of any astral entity or thought-form that could have attached itself to my Being

and I order that it leaves definitely and permanently in all levels

of my state of consciousness, cutting off any possibility for its return.

I decree that I will never again allow for this to happen,

since my Higher Self is the only one who can allow it.


Therefore, at this time and moment I ask you, my Higher Self, that we cancel any permission or access to any astral or mental form that could affect

my physical, sexual, mental, emotional, astral and spiritual stability.


I…, forgive, heal and release everything that consciously or unconsciously

could delay or block the complete evolution of all the multidimensional levels of my being.


I…, as the multimidentional being that I am,

affirm now my personal evolution, and, therefore,

I co-create my future and co-create my own reality.

I am always in the right place at the right time.


In accordance with it, I…, express now my intention

to go where I need to go according to the Divine Plan,

and I ask that, together and without effort,

only the knowledge, the people, the opportunities

and the material resources necessary

to allow me to manifest the Divine Will in this physical reality come to me.


I…, as the multidimensional being that I am,

choose to make use of the new gifts of Spirit to stay balanced

and to have the power to eliminate anything negative that tries to get in my way.

Nothing negative can upset me.

Therefore, I co-create a change in my vibration

so that it will gradually raise to more subtle and inter-dimentional levels.


I…, co-create my physical healing and affirm the awakening of my cellular memory.

In accordance with this, in an appropriate and sacred manner,

I address you, my Dear Body:


We are together in this life and together we can heal ourselves,

together we have the power to immunize ourselves against any process

that may deteriorate the health of our physical system.

Together we will regenerate and rejuvenate,

and together we can delay the release of the chemical hormones that age our body, together we can deactivate, for an undetermined amount of time, the aging of our cells,

tissues, organs and functions of our body,

and reconnect in our Being, in a harmonious and balanced way,

the 12 strands of DNA, in order to reach the 12 higher levels of spiritual,

emotional, physical and mental knowledge.


Together, we now activate the growth and functioning

of our pineal gland, in order to feel the higher frequencies of thought

acquired through knowledge

and put into motion the process of ascension recorded in our DNA.

Now, every cell in our body knows and manifests its intention and acts accordingly, maintaining optimal levels of constant good health

and the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual rejuvenation of our systems.


I…, believe in my world, I am free from space and time, I am part of All That Is.

I honor the Earth and honor my own existence,

I live in the Now and accept my present reality.

I accept what I have, I accept who I am and I accept my Being,

because I know that gratitude for the present moment and for the fullness of life

is true prosperity that continually manifests in many forms.

I am always in contact with all levels of my multidimensional Self,

who enjoys complete material prosperity,

which is manifested fully in the multidimensional level where my expanded self resides,

right here, right now, on planet Earth.


I…, deserve to be here now and I am entitled to everything that is good.

Therefore, I am open and I understand that I deserve all the abundance

in order to supply all my needs and desires, and I understand that Spirit

is here to give me love, peace, balance, health and prosperity.


Only good things come to me,

I am a part of the All and I am perfect in the eyes of Spirit.

No human word can change the I Am,

because I Am that I Am I and deserve to be here in this wonderful place called Earth.


I Am that I Am.

I AM All that I Am.

I Am All that I Am and All that Is.

I Am One with All.


According to the Plan and Divine Will, I…

as the multidimensional being that I Am, call on all the Ascended Masters

and all the Beings of Light involved with the knowledge I need to receive,

to transmit to me the whole of this knowledge in all the necessary levels

and to teach me how to understand its application and circulation,

so that I can honor and co-create a harmonious

marriage with the learning contract

that I have scripted with Spirit.


In the name of Spirit, I…, co-create facing any change without fear

and without participating in any collective apocalyptic situation.


In the name of Spirit, I…, co-create the qualities of unconditional forgiveness

and compassion, love to self and to others

and perfect physical, mental and spiritual health.


In the name of Spirit, I…, co-create the acquisition of knowledge

of this new energy in all its scope,

with all its tools and with the greatest love,

to use for my own benefit, wisdom, and mastership,

and for the guidance and good of all humanity.


In the name of Spirit, I…, co-create the highest spiritual creative energy

with all its resources: intellectual, spiritual and material,

so that I can share correctly, appropriately and without attachment

all the knowledge indicated to me, and to obtain without effort all the financial resources necessary to accomplish this mission appropriately,

to live comfortably and to share my material prosperity with others.


Things may not always be what they appear…


Therefore, I…, as the multidimensional being that I am,

at this time and in this moment, ask to be enveloped in the White Golden Light of Creation, to work fully with the Divine Presence beyond all my beliefs and limitations,

so that I can be permanently connected to high perception and appropriate expression,

to always act according to the Divine Plan of Light, honoring Spirit

and the higher purpose of the Master Plan of All That Is.


I…, release completely and in total trust

the results of this affirmation,

I place it in the hands of Spirit and my Multidimensional Self,

and I release all attachments to the process.


So it is


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Channeled by Mario Liani with the Energy of Kryon


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